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Emily's Walk on the Wabashiki (EWWTH) celebrates the life of Emily Lou Herrington (July 1, 1927 - October 6, 2015) and her service to her community, friends, and family. Emily and her husband Randy Herrington raised 3 children in West Terre Haute. Chris Herrington, Randa Herrington Deacon, and Cathy Herrington Schwab are the founders of EWWTH and continue their parents' pursuit of positive community impact, specifically in and around the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area. In its SIx year history, EWWTH has provided the community with a viewing scope at Dewey Point Shelter and funded initiatives through Wabash Valley’s Riverscape for the conservation of riverbank property along the Wabashiki River. In 2019 and 2020 EWWTH sponsored the inaugural Kids Science Day at Dewey Point for 3rd graders in the West Vigo Community.


Emily herrington is remembered fondly for her love of nature and dedication to recycling and conservation. The Wabashiki trail held special meaning to Emily. Randy helped build and maintain the levee as a member of the West Vigo Levee Association. The couple was active in the West Terre Haute/West Vigo Community throughout their lives. Each grew up within blocks of what is now Dewey POint, the site of Emily's Walk. 

During her married life, Emily was “the great woman behind the great man” in support of all of Randy’s community endeavors. From the 1950’s to the 2000’s they were committed to countless community organizations. They hoped to inspire others to join in the continued beautification and celebration of the Wabashiki trail, a shining star in greater Vigo County.

After Randy's passing in 2003, Emily continued to give back to her community through her active membership in the Friends of the vigo county library, the Audubon society, the spay neuter society, and the Indiana extension Homemakers association. She is remembered as an avid walker, usually spotted around town running errands on foot or admiring randy's work on the levee. Emily's walk is a nod to her favorite hobby and a place she loved.


Emily dedicated her life to serving her community. Her diverse charities of interest are an inspiration for the continuation of a giving legacy. The Herrington Family would like to thank those who support and participate in Emily's walk for continuing to pursue Emily's passion. Through each of you her legacy lives on.